Over the past few years, SaaS has consistently ranked at the top of business model lists. The success of SaaS startups can be attributed to this factor. Many large and small companies have adopted this model, including Google, Apple, IBM, Adobe, and others. We will share some experiences of building a SaaS business and analyze SaaS product ideas based on successful existing services. Would you like to build a small business that generates a few extra $1000s a month? For solopreneurs, indie-makers, and bootstrapped startups, we have selected 15 profitable micro SaaS business ideas from 100s of ideas.

Entrepreneurship is one of the most trending industries in today’s world. There are more businesses being established around the world that are helping people live better lives. In the SaaS industry, starting a new business is not as easy as you might think. The process of building a startup from the ground up is quite challenging. These obstacles won’t deter ambitious entrepreneurs.

People have started coming up with all kinds of SaaS startup ideas without considering their feasibility. Getting profitable SaaS startup ideas begins with understanding what SaaS is.

SaaS startups: why they’re so popular

Subscription-based pricing models are increasingly used by companies to meet their IT needs, despite limited IT budgets. Small and medium businesses should take note of this. Even established enterprises are not dismissive of Software as a Service. Rather, they use agile, modern SaaS solutions to meet diverse customer needs.

SaaS adoption is increasing across all industries due to its ability to simplify business management. The following are some stats about SaaS companies today:

  • SaaS market growth is currently 18% per year.
  • 99% of organizations will use SaaS products by 2022.
  • SaaS software is already used by nearly 78% of small businesses.
  • SaaS adoption is 20% per year in the healthcare niche.
  • The top motivations for using Software as a Service are agility and scalability, according to 70% of CIOs.

SaaS benefits: what are they?

Both service providers and end users can benefit from SaaS – let’s examine them briefly. There is no need for large budgets and global investments when service providers can make a small tool for a low budget and market it to narrow target audiences. A dedicated group of 50 users can already generate enough profits. As a result, founders can continuously attract new users without losing existing ones, making such software scalable. 

Users of SaaS benefit from its simplicity and accessibility. A third party handles all technical difficulties, allowing them to focus on more important tasks. All patches are delivered automatically – there is no need to install the application or update it. Data stored on accessible cloud servers can be accessed from any device and anywhere.

Ideas and examples of SaaS products for startups

As a B2B service, software as a service provides business owners with tools that help them improve their performance. Some products are geared toward business-to-consumer (B2C) niches, but these are rare.

Take a look at our tips if you’re lacking inspiration and don’t know where to begin. You might find motivation from them.

Build CRM software

This software connects all departments of an organization, from marketing to sales to customer service, and organizes their ratings, activities, and metrics. A cloud-based CRM simplifies management. If you want to start a SAAS business, you can use CRM software. 

Social Media Management Platforms

This is the best option if you want something outgoing. This service model automates the social management and interaction process. Your users will be able to streamline their social media posting and audience interaction as a result. You can also help users save time and money with your social management product. It allows posts to be scheduled and uploaded.

Remote Employee Engagement Platform

The remote work culture comes with its own set of challenges. If a remote employee is not properly engaged and recognized, they may feel out of place. Promoting a healthy work culture requires empowering and appreciating employees. Establish a tool that allows employers and peers to provide employee reviews and recognition, celebrate achievements, reward teams, and most importantly, monitor progress.

AI writing Assistants

A skilled literary human being is a lean, mean writing machine. It is relatively easy to monetize the ability to produce words quickly. The fact is, it’s inevitable that written work will contain grammatical errors. You can step in with your AI writing assistant at this point. Content creation becomes easier with this literary software tool. In addition to spell checks, readability scores are also calculated. In addition to these features, the written information is formatted correctly. The Grammarly word tune software can serve as a guideline.

Payment gateway

In analyzing all SaaS product ideas, we couldn’t leave this one out. Business niches like this are experiencing unprecedented success today. There are not too many solutions to choose from. If you are an expert in this field, you can develop a universal payment system that can support a variety of payment methods (credit/debit cards, bank transfers, mobile carrier billings, etc.) In the event that your new project helps vendors solve a variety of financial problems, it will earn a profit. Payment gateways are merchant services provided by eCommerce application service providers that allow online businesses, online retailers, brick-and-mortar stores, or traditional businesses to accept credit cards or direct payments. You can create a universal payment gateway that accepts not only credit/debit cards but also mobile and prepaid cards for carrier billing. 

Personalized video rendering

You can develop your own video rendering service as a SaaS business right now. Everyone struggles to render out their files perfectly, from designers to video editors. One of the best SaaS startup ideas is to develop software for them.

Small Hospital Management Tool

While the staff is managing their patients, building software that manages the day-to-day operations of a hospital can play a crucial role. This can make the whole process even simpler and faster without a lot of paperwork. Develop a hospital management tool for small-sized hospitals to deal with visitor management, administrative tasks automation, and financial management.

Applicant Tracking System (Staffing Software)

Consistent company growth brings a wave of employee issues. Many staff requirements result in these situations. Although you have an HR department, it can be a lot for other humans.

Due to this, issues can be overlooked, resulting in a corporate revolt. To solve this problem, you can develop HR management software that can handle employee issues on a minute-by-minute basis. All issues will be resolved by following a predetermined operation plan.


Currently, telehealth SaaS startup ideas are trending due to their high demand. Using this software, you can get medical services over the phone. Based on these SaaS product ideas, MDLive, PlushCare, and LiveHealth are the best telehealth apps.

Event Staff Scheduling Software

Event staff plays a crucial role in sailing the ship if events are not managed properly. People often find themselves short of staff or need temporary help. Staff scheduling software for events caters to this need. Scheduling software for event staff will enable managers to schedule their staff efficiently and communicate with them effectively.

Testimonial Management Tool

A business’s testimonials help to build trust and facilitate decision-making for its audience. Create a testimonial management tool for businesses to collect text and video customer testimonials and share them with their audience as social proof.

Student Feedback Software

Teachers no longer wait for PTMs to give feedback to students’ parents. Technology has taken over and with the shift to online education, teachers can now provide valuable feedback and progress reports to their students online. Build student feedback software that allows teachers to provide helpful feedback to their students and parents online.


The growth ratio of SaaS startups is 3.9 to 1 on average, which means that for every dollar invested, business owners get about four dollars back. According to statistics from Insight Squared, SaaS startups are fast-growing even with minimal investments. 

A BetterCloud study found that 86% of end users found SaaS applications to be more helpful than desktop apps. Because of this, nearly all apps will probably become SaaS in the future – hence, business owners should introduce SaaS to their niche before competitors do.