Best Predictive Dialer Software for Call Center

Best Predictive Dialer Software for Call Center | Call Center Dialers

Basically, auto dialer software automatically dials numbers from a contact list. The software connects a call to an agent or records a message when it is answered.

Cold calling is the most common use of Predictive Dialer Software. Besides emergency notifications, it can also be used for event reminders, debt collection, weather alerts, political campaigns, and fundraising.

Why Should You Use an Auto Dialer?

You can save time by automating the process of dialing numbers and streamlining workflows by using Predictive Dialer Software. When your call is answered, the software automatically connects you to a member of your team who is available. Several auto dialer solutions also include business phone, call center, and CRM (customer relationship management) features, so you can handle all of your business communication needs in one place.

Your team can spend more time converting new leads into long-term customers instead of wasting time on manual dialing.  When conducting cold-calling and cell phone calling campaigns, Predictive dialer software can help you comply with federal regulations. 

Predictive dialer Software: how do they work?

Dialers automate the process of dialing numbers in call centers. A call center dialer, or outbound dialer, connects customers to an interactive voice response system (IVR) or a live contact center. 

As a cloud-based call center software, Aircall uses a power dialer. Compared to typical preview dialers, this call center dialer is more versatile and efficient. Contact center technology relies heavily on power dialers. 

Power dialers are productivity tools for sales teams, unlike auto and predictive dialers, which are automation tools used by telemarketers. Find out what the differences between dialer types are.

What is the cost of a dialer?

Depending on your company’s needs, Aircall’s contact center Predictive Dialer Software has a range of pricing options. Mostly offer plans starting at 30 euros per month per user. Individual packages can be created to meet the needs of your company. 

Top Best Predictive Dialer Software 


Auto dialers rely heavily on your contact list. There are some autodialer options that have their own CRM that you can populate. With Nextiva’s seamless integration, you can take advantage of Nextiva’s click-to-call feature.

CRM integrations are available on the second-cheapest plan, Professional. You get unlimited voice and video calling, unlimited conferencing, call pop, texting, team messaging, and unlimited faxing. Additionally, it can be integrated with Salesforce, HubSpot, and Zendesk, the most widely used CRMs.

You’ll want to upgrade to Nextiva’s Enterprise plan if you’re using a heavy CRM like Oracle or if your organization relies on Microsoft Teams or ServiceNow. This also allows unlimited conference call attendees, unlimited call pops, and single sign-on. Just $10 more than Professional, pricing scales the same way.


DialerAI provides predictive dialing, voice broadcasting, press-1 campaigns, and SMS solutions for call centers. The platform supports inbound and outbound IVR, which directs calls to the agent’s inbuilt interface. Lead generation, appointment reminders, phone surveys, political polling, and emergency notifications are typical uses of DialerAI.

There is a full suite of reporting tools, both on platform performance and on each campaign, including comparison tools, such as cost per transfer and cost per campaign. It is possible to download some reports as a text file for further analysis. We offer DialerAI, a highly reliable and versatile call center system that is used worldwide for a variety of activities, such as marketing, political polling, appointment reminders, debt collection, and predictive dialing.


An outbound call center SaaS company. Telecom, finance, insurance, and other industries use our software. Thousands of agents use Adversus daily to improve outbound prospecting in Europe and the United States. Adversus was founded in 2015 after our founders encountered a lack of flexibility with their previous solution. It was our dream to build an outbound solution that would change the game. We believe user-driven innovation is key, and we acknowledge that every single user has different requirements.

We provide a solution that incorporates flexibility and customization into every aspect of the workflow. Our primary focus at Adversus is to provide a future-proof solution that never lags behind. We want to push the limits of what is possible, not just adapt to the market. Businesses in a wide range of industries use Adversus to improve their outbound call efficiency. The number of end users ranges from a few to several hundred.


Over 400,000 businesses use RingCentral as one of the best business VoIP providers. You can run a call center, manage your business phone system, and simplify your sales and customer support processes with it. There are several auto-dialing options available with RingCentral, including progressive dialing, previewing dialing, and predictive dialing. By using predictive dialing, you can call multiple numbers at once and have the call routed to the next available agent based on algorithms. 

When conducting large-scale telemarketing campaigns, this tool will ensure your business remains compliant with the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA). As a result, it’s one of the best auto-dialing solutions for reducing your risk of regulatory violations. Among its features is the ability to only call within specific time windows, avoid the do not call list (DNC), and call cell phones safely.

Call center management solution Ringio features a CRM dialer, call routing, analytics, and more. A wide range of industries uses it, including healthcare, media, non-profit, and banking.

A wide range of devices can be used with Ringio, including Macs, PCs, iOS devices, Androids, softphones like Skype, and IP phones such as Polycom or Cisco. Users can sync contacts, check voicemails, and make calls from their business number using the mobile app. Integrations are available with, Zoho CRM, and Google Contacts. Using these integrations, businesses can route calls based on lead owner, pipeline stage, and customer tier. As well as providing click-to-call functionality directly from the CRM system, it also automatically logs and records call.

Call Center Studio

Enhance your customer service with cloud-native call center software. A flexible and intuitive interface makes it easy to set up and train agents. Use AI tools to improve the customer experience by listening to call recordings. The importance of operating an effective remote business cannot be overstated. Call Center Studio offers cloud-based call center software that enables your agents to serve customers from anywhere. Our dedicated team offers 24/7 support, powerful reporting, and super-responsive customer service.


In contrast to Five9, Velocify includes lead management software. The combination of lead management and call tracking allows you to track the customer’s journey through your sales pipeline. Additionally, your agents will have access to detailed information about past interactions. With Velocify’s dialer system, thousands of numbers can be dialed and managed simultaneously. Larger call centers with more agents will benefit from this.

One question Velocify asks is, “Why would you use a dialer designed for support teams? Velocify is designed to help sales teams; customer notifications and research are not as important. Dial-IQ software instead offers features such as tailored call routing, live coaching, call priority queueing, and automated SMS and emails. Agents are notified when higher-priority leads are available. CRMs also allow agents to dial directly from them.


Globally, Five9 offers all-in-one cloud contact center solutions for inbound, outbound, blended, and omnichannel operations. The AI-driven Five9 Engagement Workflow uses natural language processing and intelligent routing to connect customers with the right agent, while Five9 Genius uses customer intent data to provide agents with next-step guidance. To triple agent talk time, four dialing modes can be adjusted to skip no-answers and busy signals. Using Practical AI, Five9 agents can provide customer experiences across phone, email, chat, mobile, social, and more.


With Lusha, you can speed up your sales cycle with zero effort. Our B2B data is trusted by over 1 million users thanks to its unrivaled quality and compliance. With the Lusha Prospecting Platform, you can prospect at a massive scale for faster outreach. With a few clicks, find millions of verified emails and numbers of the right decision makers. 

Revenue teams use Lusha, including sales, marketers, recruiters, business developers, and professionals who have direct client relationships. With Lusha Extension, you can laser-target any prospect anywhere online, including LinkedIn, Sales Navigator, Recruiter, company sites, Salesforce, and HubSpot.


Guaranteed to have more live conversations in 15 minutes! With our power dialer, you can boost outbound sales without a credit card for FREE. The following reasons make us confident: 1) Dial leads 4x faster 2) No awkward pauses after contacts answer 3) Drop voicemails/emails in 1-click 4) Automate post-call workflows 5) No special equipment required. It’s powerful yet easy to use!

SMBs and sales teams that sell by phone, and want to streamline tasks and follow up, and focus on quality live interactions. Close deals faster by seamlessly blending phone, email, and SMS.


Boost your sales with JustCall’s powerful predictive dialer. You can upload contact lists and let the software dial the numbers for you. Answer only the calls that are connected. You can read call scripts during the call, take notes, tag contacts, or even rate them after the call. Streamline your customer communication and workflow automation with a single platform. Just $25 per month gets you started. Get 70% off your first month when you sign up With JustCall, teams can scale without adding complexities. On average, JustCall gives back 12 hours per week per. Try it for free for 14 days.

NICE offers a unified and omnichannel platform that includes IVRs, conversational AI, chatbots, self-service analytics, and self-service builders. Nice inContact CXOne is an excellent predictive dialer for businesses of all sizes. There are plenty of options for improving inbound and outbound customer experiences with its call center software.

The CXone automatic contact distributor can route calls based on an agent’s skills, and it uses AI bots to automate mundane tasks for agents. Additionally, it provides AI routing solutions with pre-trained models based on industry CX data. By using it, business owners can improve their overall operations and business communication strategies.


Businesses that want to grow and gain a competitive edge must look for products that give their customers a great experience in this world of cloud computing and fast-growing technology. Choosing a product that can scale with a company’s growth is crucial.

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